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Our experienced detailing crew will keep your vehicle in top condition. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!


New prices valid January 1st, 2017

Recommended detailing services:

Exterior Detail: $170
  • Hand Wash & Dry
  • Hand Wax
  • Paint Polish (High Speed Buff)
  • Detail Wheels/Tires
  • Detail and Condition all Chrome & Trim

Interior Detail: $200
  • Vacuum Interior & cargo areas
  • Shampoo carpet & upholstery
  • Clean all floor mats
  • Deep clean, condition & treat vinyl and leather
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Clean all compartments & cup holders
  • Wipe down door jambs

Engine Bay Detail: $40
  • Degrease & clean engine bay (Excludes Engine block)
  • Clean underside of hood & hood hinges
  • Detail/Dress under hood trim & hoses

Full Detail: $310    =  
 Exterior Detail + Interior Detail + Engine Bay Detail

Mini Detail: $100  
  • Exterior Hand Wash & Dry
  • Vacuum & Dust Off interior (No Compartment or wet cleaning)
  • Clean Windows inside & out

Wash & Wax: $90
  • Exterior Hand Wash & Dry 
  • Hand Wax (no high speed buffing)
  • Conditioning rubber/plastic trim

Full Show Prep (Price dependent on project size)

Additional Charges apply for the following:
  • Mouse infestations +$50
  • Body liquids +$50
  • Vehicles 15 years or older (on or before 2000) +$20 for interior due to more delicate and or aged fabrics.
We love having a flat rate for your detail services! From mini cooper to Suburban, one rate fits all - but certain things take hazmat gear and more expensive cleaning supplies. 

Valet services:

  • Pick up and drop off at your house is included in the Bozeman area
  • Make arrangements to pick up your vehicle from Bozeman International Airport, Yellowstone JetCenter or other locations upon your departure. We store your car in our heated, secure facility, Upon your arrival back in town, we will have your vehicle delivered and waiting for you.
  • We can arrange to have your vehicle serviced, windshield replaced, body repaired, tires rotated or swapped, washed and fueled. 
  • driver & shuttle services for short run transport of vehicles can be provided as well.

Odor Removal services:

  • Ozone Odor Treatment; (Rates start at $75 for a 6 hour treatment)
- Ozone generator puts fresh ozone into the cabin of your vehicle
- We ventilate the vehicle for 3-4 hours
- Once the ozone smell disappears, so does the foul odor!

  • Air Vent Disinfectant $35

Headlight Reconditioning services:

  • Headlight Reconditioning: $90/pair
- If your headlight lenses are fogged or yellowed, before you replace them consider us. We can recondition your lenses to bring the shine back to the front of your car and, more importantly, make your headlights shine bright again!

Please call to make an appointment anytime!  Call: 406.580.6204 or contact us here

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